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 Panasonic 3in1 Juicer & Blender MJ-M176  Panasonic 3in1 Juicer & Blender MJ-M176
Brand: باناسونيك Panasonic Model: خلاط كهربائي
Define the ProductDecorate your kitchen beautifully with the wonderful blender 3 in 1 from PanasonicThis blender comes with a 1L jug that enables you to easily grind and mix foods and liquidsIt also comes with a blender to extract fruitsThe blender also comes with a dry material mill with a capacity..
330.00 SAR
Brand: براون Braun Model: خلاط كهربائي
Unique shaped triangular mixing jugFor a perfect blending process -It forms a horizontal and vertical stream, which increases the mixing efficiency and delivers the best results.Turbo functionIt delivers short bursts with maximum power to ensure optimum results and more control over recipes.Heat res..
260.00 SAR
Braun Electric Kettle WK300
ٍSpecial Offer -15 %
Brand: براون Braun Model: غلاية ماء
Product IntroductionWith the Braun electric jug you can get fast and safe results. With the guarantee of German manufacturing and technology quality, you can expect excellent performance day after day.Product SpecificationCovered heating element for easy cleaningHeating capacity is 2200 wattsCapacit..
200.00 SAR 169.00 SAR
Braun HD-180 Hair Dryer Braun HD-180 Hair Dryer
Arrive Soon
Brand: براون Braun Model: مجفف شعر
Product Introduction This amazing product from Braun is designed with meticulous engineering, to give you a fast, comfortable use and the attractive results you want. This product is characterized by its light weight, and is characterized by its strong design and great performance. This hair dr..
300.00 SAR
Braun MQ-775 Hand Blender
Arrive Soon
Brand: براون Braun Model: محضرة طعام
Braun MQ-775 Manual Food Processor..
490.00 SAR
Braun Multiquick Juicer J300 Braun Multiquick Juicer J300
ٍSpecial Offer -11 %
Brand: براون Braun Model: عصارة فواكه
Product IntroductionThis shiny plastic juicer is a powerful, elegant and compact device at the same time. Great attention has been paid to all lines and details in order for the juicer to combine form and function, between beauty and performance. The tube, pulp container and gasket merge through the..
650.00 SAR 580.00 SAR
Braun Silk Epil 9 9-961V Epilator Braun Silk Epil 9 9-961V Epilator
Arrive Soon
Brand: براون Braun Model: مكية حلاقة نسائية
Product IntroductionWide headMicro-grip technologyIt contains 12 pieces of headsHigh frequency massage systemIt can be used in the shower or in the shower for comfortable epilation.High performance tweezersSignificantly cleanses skin with 3000 micro-pulse / minuteThe smart lighting shows the shortes..
690.00 SAR
Brand: ريبون REBUNE Model: صانعة الخبز
Product SpecificationIt features a compact and practical design for easy storage and use.The non-stick coating provides healthy home-cooked dishes.Effectively helps to provide enhanced cooking results.Teflon non-stick baseHeating from top and bottomEquipped with advanced electrical circuits that ens..
190.00 SAR
Brand: دوتس DOTS Model: دفاية كهربائية
product specificationThe heater power is 2000 watts360 degree heating system to distribute heat inside the roomThe electric current is 220-240 volts.The electrical frequency is 50-60 HzThis product is made in China...
190.00 SAR
Coffee and spice grinder from Home Master HM-836
Made in China
Brand: هوم ماستر Home Master Model: مطحنة القهوة و التوابل
Product SpecificationGrind coffee, cardamom, nuts, spices and spicesThe process is easy to use and clean and does not take up storage spaceStainless steel bowl and bladesLock key to ensure safety and securityIt has a storage capacity of 50g.The motor power is 200 watts.It operates on an electrical c..
60.00 SAR
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